There is so much darkness around me. Inside me.
There is inner light though, yet the dark side is trying to cut rivers into my light.
don’t… Please…




Does a tree mourn for it’s lost leaves?

This is what I ask myself when I watch this scene from my balcony. In fact, of course in autumn, this is what you see all around you.

I need to change something, I feel as if my life is stuck. I do know a direction to take, but it is if that path is still blocked. Like a winter trail in the mountains that waits for the snow above to melt. Waiting for the sun to give light and energy, to that path, to my goal, to my life. In fact a small ray of sun reached me this week, a portion of inspiration was given to me by a FlickrFriend “p.” (you know who you are).

That tree, watching me, as I watch it all year round, it just changes. It does not get stuck, it does not wait for opportunities. It takes the light when it is there, it bends with the wind when the wind is there, it takes water, if the rain is there.

And year after year it practices this philosophy: “just let it go”
In perfect beauty just days before, leaves appear in golden red, golden yellow even golden brown, as if we ‘the watchers’ get spoiled by a last look. Before they disappear.

And that just happens

There is something to learn from that, things are as they are. It is impossible to drink water if it is not raining, it is not possible to try and bend with the wind without the wind, do not try to take the light without light.

But there is energy always around, and I will go with that, no more fighting against that energy, in whatever form it is presenting itself.


Dutch Scene in Black and White


SDIM0026, originally uploaded by MisiekBunnik.

I passed these cows today on my way to work, they are really cute and curious animals so they decided to come and visit me by the fence.A good opportunity to take out the camera (Sigma DP2) and see how this scene would look in a monochrome white balance. Actually i like it this way, although the colour version looks nice too! It was a good feeling trying to connect to these animals :)


I know, it has been said so many times. The best camera is the one you have with you… I actually wished I had a ‘proper’ camera with me when I watched the sun hitting the tulips and the candle holders on that glass table. What to do?

Well, perhaps about time to test my Iphone4 for the first time using the Hipstamatic application. I chose the Jimmy Lens because it is in my opinion the most ‘regular’ one. Actually I am quite happy with the outcome. The noise is not that bad and the feeling is quite well captured.



I watched this scene from my couch after work and wanted to do the close up as you see it all now. I liked the glass and the corks almost hiding behind each other, the warm light is from the 5′o clock afternoon sun. I picked my Leica Digilux 2 for this shot because it will go to a 90mm focal length needed to give some bokeh to the scene. I dialed the exposure in by hand to give a bit of overexposure. My DP1 would give the same pixelcount or resolution but i would not be able to get close enough to give me the picture as i saw it in my head.

This type of photography is for me all about fun, watching the surroundings around you, envision a picture and take it with a tool that matches the job. I hope you enjoy watching it. A slight vignette was added in Lightroom, I do want to use as little processing as needed and want to avoid even that small step in the future. It is to easy to give the photo a totally different look with all the software tools available today, in my opinion it should not be needed?



A visit to a rose garden

Yesterday we visited a rose garden, this was not planned. I do carry my DP1 with me all the time, but boy, did I miss my AML-1 close up lens at that afternoon. Luckily the crops from the DP1 are so clean and sharp, that I decided to place them, being so happy with the outcome. Because we were there with friends, the photos taken were at a quick pace and I was not expecting so much.. Oh, what was I surprised when I saw them on the pc this morning… Believe me, please click them to enjoy the ful colour of the Foveon sensor full screen. I am so happy with this camera….

discussion in the garden

My girlfriend Marzena having a talk in the nice garden of Elżbieta, our friend in Michałowice. I was not joining their polish discussion :)

Camera: SIGMA DP1
Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal Length: 16.6 mm
ISO Speed: 100

more flowers from the garden

and a panorama from the village and a nice view on the Karkonosze Mountains, a single minute walk from our land!

That’s me looking at you



That’s me looking at you, originally uploaded by MisiekBunnik.

Playing a bit, it’s rainy outside… I wanted another macro shot and could not find anything interesting. Holding the camera myself, took 3 shots to get the distance somewhat right. Sorry about the flash, or is it the light in my eyes?

Exposure: 0.033 sec (1/30)
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 16.6 mm
ISO Speed: 100
Exposure Bias: 0/10 EV
Flash: Flash fired


There is something magic about ‘fill light’ in Sigma Pro Photo. In other applications I know the slider starts at 0 and you can only go up and indeed, fill light. However, in SPP it start at 0 and you can go down and up… This is what you get if you go negative…

Sigma DP1, ISO100, 1/80sec, F4, no flash, 28mm