There is so much darkness around me. Inside me. There is inner light though, yet the dark side is trying to cut rivers into my light. don’t… Please… Advertisements

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Does a tree mourn for it’s lost leaves? This is what I ask myself when I watch this scene from my balcony. In fact, of course in autumn, this is what you see all around you. I need to change something, I feel as if my life is stuck. I do know a direction to […]

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Dutch Scene in Black and White

SDIM0026, originally uploaded by MisiekBunnik. I passed these cows today on my way to work, they are really cute and curious animals so they decided to come and visit me by the fence.A good opportunity to take out the camera (Sigma DP2) and see how this scene would look in a monochrome white balance. Actually […]

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Texture, originally uploaded by MisiekBunnik. We had a lovely walk in a not yet discovered (by us) little piece of land with a lot of forest treasures…Leica Digilux 2, conversion with snapseed on Ipad

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I know, it has been said so many times. The best camera is the one you have with you… I actually wished I had a ‘proper’ camera with me when I watched the sun hitting the tulips and the candle holders on that glass table. What to do? Well, perhaps about time to test my […]

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I watched this scene from my couch after work and wanted to do the close up as you see it all now. I liked the glass and the corks almost hiding behind each other, the warm light is from the 5′o clock afternoon sun. I picked my Leica Digilux 2 for this shot because it […]

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